La Toya: Dr. Murray is 'fall guy' in Michael's death

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The late Michael Jackson’s outspoken older sister La Toya appeared on The Today Show this morning to discuss her new book, Starting Over. La Toya dedicates much of her book to her brother and the controversy surrounding his death, explaining that towards the end he lived in fear. She quotes Michael saying, “I’m even afraid to walk around in my own yard because I’m afraid they’re going to kill me. I could never perform again because I know they’re going to kill me.”

La Toya also claims that Dr. Conrad Murray is just the fall-guy for a much larger operation aimed at murdering Michael and gaining control of his assets. Although she says that it becomes clear who the culprits are once one has read Starting Over, Matt Lauer is quick to note that La Toya does not name any names or present any proof of this throughout the book.

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La Toya then goes on to discuss her abusive relationship with her now deceased husband, and explains that he is the reason why she shunned Michael and accused him of sexual-harassment in the past. She blames many of her past actions on the abuse she suffered, and says she has named her book Starting Over to attest to the fact that it is never too late to do so.