Lightning strikes nursery, spares baby

VIDEO - A freak lightning strike set fire to a roof directly above a sleeping infant's nursery. Luckily, the infant's cries alerted his mother, who saved him as they evacuated the house...

For many young parents a baby’s cry can mean anything, signifying hunger, a call for attention or a simple diaper change. But for one Maryland family, their infant’s late-night wail saved his and their lives.

Lightning struck the roof above the nursery just before midnight on Thursday. The strike caused parts of the house to catch fire, which soon spread across the roof and did not set off any fire alarms.

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Luckily, the strike was loud enough to wake sleeping 19-month-old Taylor Matthews, whose alarming cries alerted his mother.

Lorrina Matthews rescued her son and then called her husband at work. The strike was powerful enough to set off house alarms at neighboring homes. Although the family was not injured and the home was saved, the Matthews family will be displaced for up to 6 months as the home receives extensive repairs.