Has America evolved beyond its racist past?

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There’s a new book that suggests racism has approved based on generational differences. The End of Anger takes on new optimistic ideas relating to race.

Journalist Ellis Cose — known for writing about race — said times have changed.

“In short, we have ended the caste system in this country,” Cose said.

Cose said it was simply impossible to break through the glass sealing in 1993, but now in 2011, there are more black professionals in powerful positions.

Reverend Al Sharpton was interviewed for the book, and he said it was an excellent book, but there are generational differences in racial response. He said racism still exists.

“I think that racial disparities are still there. I think that the way we deal with race changed,” Sharpton said.

He said he does not deny there has been progress, but there are still different Americas for different Americans.