Rico Rice, 34, was fatally wounded Monday night during a police stand-off at a Memphis area convenience store. Rice initially carjacked a young family at a gas station, which led to a chase down local freeways as police caught up with him.

Jenerio Hudson says if he had stopped for gas just a few minutes earlier, his son would’ve been with him as their van was stolen. He recounted the harrowing experience to WMC-TV Action News 5 Memphis.

“He told me to get the **** out before, you know, he killed me”, said Hudson. “And I just got out”.

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Hudson’s cousin was forced out of the car but a female friend was ordered to stay seated and was later sexually assaulted. Police caught up with the suspect at the end of a freeway, who ditched the van and jumped atop a Toyota Prius filled with a family of four.

No one was hurt before Rice jumped from the car and fled into a convenience store. It is reported that Rice pointed his weapon at Memphis Police who subsequently opened fire, ending his life.