Alleged, racially-profiled NYPD misconduct caught on video

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Lawyer of hip-hop party goers, Kenneth Montgomery, said aggressive officers became enraged when their alleged racially-profiled attack was caught on amateur video.

The incident made national news — once again, bringing up accusations about the New York Police Department’s tactics used on black and brown residents.

The victims spoke in front of a crowd of around 70 people — activists and rap artists showed their support at the City Hall of Manhattan.

“We’re are gathered here to say enough is enough,” activist and writer Kevin Powell told the crowd, as he accused the police of excessive force and unfairly targeting hip-hop.


Music producer Pete Rock (Peter Phillips) supported his wife, Shara McHayle, and daughter, Jade Everett as they shared their stories about the alleged police brutality. Everett was beaten and arrested during the incident.

This has been a difficult time for our family,” McHayle said.

Along with Everett, Luis Pena, Gabriel Diaz, Cynthia Rosa and James W. Ayala were the victims of the incident — hence, calling themselves “Monumental 5”.

City Councilman Charles Barron called out city’s top officials on the incident.

“Mayor Bloomberg and Police Chief Kelly, you are responsible,” Barron said. “Don’t bring us to the point where we have to defend ourselves.”

According to Montgomery, the videos circulating around the web are evidence — hopefully, bringing justice.

“It’s becoming a part of the NYPD’s identity,” he said.