Mom turns in her children who rob gas station

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Police and city officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are praising parents who have turned in their own children following a July 3rd gas station raid.

“We’ve already seen some success,” Mayor Tom Barrett said. “Some parents have already stepped up and contacted police about their children’s involvement.”

It all began when a gas station in the Riverwest neighborhood was raided over the holiday weekend.

Minutes later, a group of people were attacked by teenagers.

Authorities asked the public to view the security camera images, in hopes of arresting those involved.

“We need parents to make their children take responsibility,” Barrett said. “I’m glad to see that beginning to happen.”

At least four of the suspects have been turned over to police.

One mother, “Kizzy,” was watching the news when she recognized her 15-year-old son.

She went onine and and also found a picture of her 13-year-old daughter.

She turned both over to police.

“These are not the kind of kids that I’m raising to do stuff like this, and I feel like I put all my hard work and energy into my children, and for them to go out into the community and do things like that is just not acceptable,” Kizzy said.

The kids received citations for disorderly conduct, retail theft and breaking curfew.

Neither of the children were involved in the mob beatnigs at Reservoir Park.