Teen playing with gun fatally shoots himself

VIDEO - Staten Bratton, 18, has died after fatally shooting playing with a gun around other teenagers. His family is calling it a terrible accident...

Charlotte, NC – “It sounded like a firecracker”, said Annie Bratton, mother of Staten Bratton, 18, who died after fatally shooting himself Sunday night. “When I got there he was laying on his back.”

Bratton says her son was in their house in Rock Hill, S.C. with several others when the gun went off, including three teenagers who were with her son. Her son’s death has been very hard on her, but she asserts her son was a good, respectful person and doesn’t know how he got the weapon. Guns are not allowed in her house.

“Never play with guns”, says Bratton. “If you feel your child has a gun, check. A gun is not for a child to play with. Not even an 18-year-old child.”


A candle light vigil has since been set up outside of the home.

Police are investigating the case and have ruled out the possibility of a homicide. His family calls it a terrible accident.