Man in a woman's dress asked to leave Pizza Hut

Vishon Murphy knows the phrase “no shirt, no shoes, no service” but when he decided to wear a dress to pick up some food at the Pizza Hut in Wallace, North Carolina he says he was turned away for being “disruptive”.

“As soon as I walked in the general manager told me that I cannot be in the restaurant because I was dressed in drag, in women’s clothing, and he asked me to leave,” Murphy says.

Pizza Hut representatives say Murphy had visited the restaurant three times and had not purchased anything.

After customers complained about his clothing he was asked to leave.

Some customers said Pizza Hut had a right to ask Murphy to leave, while others said that is discriminating against someone’s sexuality.

“If I was paying for something then I should be able to go in and sit down. I’m half Scottish and if I wanted to wear a kilt in here I should be able to,” said Greg Lanier.

Pizza Hut representatives say they have video of Murphy causing a scene once he was asked to leave.

Murphy says he didn’t mean to be a drama queen, but he wanted to make more than a fashion statement.

“I respect people and their boundaries because I understand that everyone does not like my lifestyle and I show them respect,” Murphy says. “I deserve to be respected, as well.”