Black racer Nicole Lyons talks 'white male' competition

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Madame Noire

Race car driver Nicole Lyons gives a whole new meaning to what it means to be driven. Talented as she is beautiful, she’s carving a name for herself as one of the rarest entities in drag racing: an African-American woman. Madame Noire caught up with her as she opened up about drag racing, her pro football husband’s injuries, and her undying love for her parents.

Madame Noire: Describe what a pro race car driver does.

Nicole Lyons: There are several different [race car competitions], NASCAR, NHRA, Indy. You have to be licensed in a particular field of racing. You definitely have to be making money…Danica Patrick, for example, makes upwards of 20 to 30 million a year…Ways to make money [include] winning races, getting sponsors, getting paid as a driver. The money [you can make] is endless when it comes to winnings, sponsorships…

MN: How much do you make?

NL: I probably pocket upwards of $500,000 to one million a year…

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