Jordan, Magic and Bird to cover of 'NBA 2K12' game

ATLANTA (AP) - Last year, Jordan was the cover athlete for 2K's NBA game, which has sold more than 5 million units...

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ATLANTA (AP) — This time, Michael Jordan won’t be the only one to cover a 2K Sports basketball video game.

The video game company announced on Thursday that NBA Hall of Famers Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Jordan will be featured in three separate covers on the front of “NBA 2K12,” the latest installment of the best-selling basketball video game franchise.

Last year, Jordan was the cover athlete for 2K’s NBA game, which has sold more than 5 million units. Jordan also worked closely with the game’s developers, providing his input on details such as player’s shot technique.

Jason Argent, vice president of marketing at Take-Two’s 2K Sports business, says the company is bringing Jordan back as part of a “three-year extended partnership.” He said the company wanted to expand their brand after the game’s success of last year.

“Bringing Michael Jordan to the virtual hardwood last year was a huge success for NBA 2K11, but we didn’t want to stop there,” Argent said in a statement.

Jordan (Chicago Bulls) and Bird (Boston Celtics) will each sport their team’s away jerseys, while Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers) dons his home uniform on their separate cover.

For the upcoming “NBA 2K12,” which is expected to go on sale Oct. 4, the company didn’t specify how each of the three basketball legends will be incorporated into the game.


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