The sound of London

african kings

London, England

It’s difficult to explain at first, but listening to voices from different countries is one of the most relaxing things that I do. Perhaps you’re thinking ‘who wants to sit for any amount of time and just listen’? Well, to me, therein lies the mystic of the world. No matter where you find yourselves, roam around the sounds and utterances of those whom you’ve just met, could possibly meet or quite frankly will never, ever meet. Absorb the dramatic pitch and tones that stand apart from what you’re used to. Enjoy the glee of processing a range of phrases and syntax that makes absolutely no sense at all. Yes, I’m telling you…pure amazing, entertainment for hours on end. It’s a powerful experience because it’s different, exciting and new. And it even looks different coming out of their mouths. So much so that, honestly, deep down I wish that I could have one just like it. Therefore, my most memorable destination, a splendid tour of the best sounds that I had ever encountered, was London.

Trekking across the pond is a perfect destination to travel. It’s a seven hour flight, they speak English (sort of), the diversity of the food is impeccable and, most importantly, tons and tons of accents. London is a business, fashion and cultural Mecca. There’s no bigger hub in all of Europe. Now, other countries might argue that theirs is the center – but come on, let’s be real about it: London seemingly has it all. Everyone goes there and if they haven’t they definitely should. It’s not to be missed.

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