ATLANTA – In a local Fox exclusive last night the name and face of the fifth Bishop Eddie Long accuser was revealed.

Centino Kemp, a 22 year old aspiring singer, appeared in the exclusive ready and willing to discuss his music career. When the interviewers made it known that they were interested in his alleged relationship with Bishop Eddie Long rather than his pop music, Kemp quickly declined to comment.

Kemp never filed a law suit against Bishop Eddie Long, instead stepping forward with additional allegations when the four young men filed suit. Reportedly he did not know any of the other four boys, whom had all been acquaintances previous to the scandal. It is not known whether he played a large role in the mediation, but he reportedly was included in the settlement negotiations that resulted in an undisclosed amount of money being given to the accusers.

Tattooed on the inside of Kemp’s wrist is ‘Eddie Long, never a mistake, always a lesson.’ He has been described as the puzzle piece in the case that didn’t fit, and his presence reportedly caused the Bishop discomfort.

His music, which is sampled in the exclusive, is described as coming from the perspective of an embittered lover, and the album he is working on is titled No Regrets.