The liberal group Media Matters released a report this week showing a wide divergence in the amount of airtime different Republican presidential candidates get from Fox News.

The study, which covers June 1 to July 24, identifies seven candidates who have made 10 or more appearances: Herman Cain (19), Ron Paul (17), Tim Pawlenty (14), Michele Bachmann (13), Newt Gingrich (12), Gary Johnson (11) and Rick Santorum (10).
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Then there are the candidates who have made fewer than five appearances: Mitt Romney (3), Jon Huntsman (2) and Buddy Roemer (1). Thaddeus McCotter is in the middle range, with seven Fox hits.

Cain has been on the air for a total of three hours and eight minutes since June 1, according to the study. That’s more than three times as much as Romney and Huntsman have been on Fox, combined.

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