Dahmer's survivor charged in man's death

A man who narrowly escaped Jeffrey Dahmer and helped end the serial killer's murder and sexual assault spree two decades ago faced a possible homicide charge...

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MILWAUKEE (AP) — The man who led Milwaukee police to serial killer Jeffery Dahmer 20 years ago is charged with recklessly endangering safety in the death of a homeless man who drowned after he was thrown off a bridge.

Fifty-two-year-old Tracy Edwards and 44-year-old Timothy Carr are accused of arguing with Johnny Jordan, picking him up and throwing him off a downtown Milwaukee bridge on Tuesday.

In July 1991, Tracy Edwards escaped from Dahmer’s apartment, a handcuff still dangling from his wrist, and led police to him.

A criminal complaint filed Friday says that after the 43-year-old Jordan went in, Carr jumped in from the riverbank. Police later got Jordan and Carr out of the water.

The men’s attorneys couldn’t immediately be located Friday.

Edwards’ address is listed as a Milwaukee homeless shelter.

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