Sagz jeans have boxers built in; Snaps keep pants (mostly) up

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From New York Daily News

Guys who like to let their pants ride low can avoid the danger of letting too much show.

Sagz, a denim company founded by three brothers from Newark, sells jeans with the boxers built in so guys can show off their style without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

The boxers are attached to the jeans’ waistband with three levels of snaps so that wearers can let their jeans sag a little or a lot. No belt or yanking required.


“Our patented concept consists of high-quality jeans that sag naturally,” the designers explain on the product’s website. “Consumers can ‘sag’ their jeans at different levels without having to constantly pull up their pants, resulting in more time to be active, express themselves and show their SWAG.”

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