SEATTLE WA — A child’s artwork surrounds Damn Brown’s at home dialysis machine. Brown, who is 37 and lives with his wife and two little boys, chooses to do his “dialysis on the go” as he calls it so as to spend more time with his family and out of a clinic.

10 months ago Damon’s kidneys failed out of nowhere. Now, while he waits for a donor, Brown has a strict regiment. He must take his weight and blood pressure daily, as well as connecting the catheter in his stomach to a bag of fluid to help pull the toxins from his body.

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Damon is taking a unique route to help speed up the process of finding a donor. He is pleading his case over facebook. His facebook page ‘to save a life’ has already gone viral.

“I’m not going to play the game of feeling bad cause somebody hasn’t stepped forward or anything like that.” Says Brown “I don’t, its a touch decision, people have their life to live too.”

But Brown is also doing the best he can to help save his own life, so he can see his children’s children, and spend much more time with his family.