From SFL Times:

SOUTHWEST RANCHES – Broward Sheriff’s deputies responding to a domestic dispute at the Southwest Ranches home of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall on April 23 came across a startling scene and recovered a bloody knife and gun clip, according to never before released incident reports.

The reports say deputies came across a “significant pool of blood” and a “solid trail of blood” across the floors of several rooms throughout the home. Blood was also splattered on the walls. Marshall admitted he and his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, had engaged in an argument that became “physical.” Even with his admission and the fact that both suffered cuts and other injuries, only the wife was arrested.

Marshall had cuts to his palms and his wrists and a stab wound to his stomach. Nogami-Marshall had bruises on her cheek and cuts on her hand and foot. She also complained of injuries to her legs.

A large bloody knife, a bloody gun clip, and a handgun were recovered from the home.

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