10-year-old chef writes healthy cookbook

VIDEO - A South Florida chef wants you to use his new cookbook to live healthy. But here's the catch he's only 10 years old...

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A South Florida chef wants you to use his new cookbook to live healthy. But here’s the catch he’s only 10 years old. Chazz Darby knows his way around the kitchen especially when it comes to healthy eating.

At the young age of 10, this elementary school student is creating low calorie meals for himself and all of his peers to enjoy while sneaking in some veggies and fruits.

Helping to create change and awareness, Chazz along with his mother Dorette Darby, created a cook book “My Own Food” interactive cooking for children of all ages with adult supervision, by Chazz Darby. But like many young people this young man needed a little push. But this creative mom found a way to tantalize her son’s tastebuds.

Mother Dorette Darby says “I had to create a way for him to eat vegetables and fruits by incorporating it into everyday meals.”

Meals like heavenly banana wrap, sweet plantain muffins, island cucumber punch and chicken nuggets and fries that are baked!

This young chef’s cookbook, with help from Mom, has been in the works for three years promoting healthy meals for kids designed by a 10-year old.

And Chazz knew he was on the right track, just by watching what his classmates were eating at school. Chazz says “do you eat alot of that stuff too? No, it gets fat and i want to be healthy.”

Sadly not everyone is eating healthy. According to the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years, resulting in long term health impacts like heart disease type two diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama launched a nationwide campaign called “Let’s Move” to help combat childhood obesity. Empowering parents to become more informed about nutrition and exercise while encouraging kids to make healthy decisions.

Resulting in healthier lives. Dorette says “he’s enjoying it he really doesn’t miss it.”