CENTENNIAL, COLORADO – A 20-year-old man is accused of killing Terence George, found dead in his apartment in November 2010 and Georgia’s girlfriend, Tiffany Durst, missing until found dead in April 2011.

Terrence McNeal, 20, reportedly, dated Durst who testified against him in a criminal case. McNeal along with Janelle Harris, 20, and Tiera Homes, 19, are facing two counts of first-degree murder.


Homicide detective Chuck Mehl testified before the November murder NcNeal dated Durst once upon a time. This testimony happened during a 2008 burglary case against McNeal where in the aftermath he believed Burst “ratted him out.” Although, Burst was a witness, she never testified. McNeal served time for the crime.

Reportedly, McNeal told Homes and Harris they were going to assault Burst for $50,000 because she snitched on him.

The three assaulted Burst outside of her apartment, gagged her with a pillow, put her in trunk and drove her in her own car to a field where she was stabbed and strangled.

The three went back to Durst’s apartment where they shot and killed her boyfriend, George.

Georgia’s mother interviewed — saying the only thing she has left from her son is his 4-year-old son.