With national unemployment at 9.1 percent, many Americans across the country have to make tough decisions in order to support their families.

In some communities, that number is even worse.

Take Millen, Georgia for example. The small industrial town’s unemployment rate is more than twice the national average at 21 percent.

NBC’s Dateline will take an in-depth look at the town’s struggle to overcome its economic woes through the eyes of three extraordinary women.

Kimberly Thompson, a single mother of three and former factory worker, is struggling to not only support her kids, but also find opportunities for herself to grow professionally.

Dateline provided theGrio with an exclusive preview clip, highlighting part one of Kimberly’s fight to raise her family and overcome unemployment.

Dateline’s “America Now – The Town That Jobs Forgot” airs Sunday night, at 7 pm/6 Central time.