Kreayshawn, Rick Ross hip-hop feud heats up VMAs

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From LA Late:

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Kreayshawn Rick Ross feud heated up the VMAs pre-telecast last night. While Kreayshawn unclothed pictures are making news Monday, most recently it was her comments about Rick Ross and Maybach Music. When camps for Ross and Kreayshawn crossed paths last night, the feud ignited, directly on live television.

While MTV eventually broke up the matter, it remains unclear if MTV clearly knew what was likely to happen. Even though sites are reporting this as a “fight”, no swings were thrown; Rick Ross remained in the distance during the feud.

Kreayshawn recently told news “You tryna play me like a boss / But you’re faker than Rick Ross”. So when members of Maybach Music Group approached Kreayshawn last night, a few words were exchange between MMG reps and Stretch, manager for Kreayshawn.

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