Florida high school football brawl under investigation

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Sporting events are often intense spectacles where shouting matches are commonplace. But a local football game at Riverside High School in Sarasota, Florida took a turn for the worse when a verbal spat developed into a full on brawl.

The Sarasota County’s Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the brawl involving
the Sarasota Gators and the North Port Huskies, which was caught on amateur video by an onlooker in the stands.

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The altercation started when a member of the Gators’ coaching staff began to argue with referee Jayme Ream over a call, which he thought was unfair. When coaches from both teams ran over to break up the fight, a player from the Gator team charged Ream. Both teams then rushed the field and melee ensued.

No one was seriously hurt in the fight, but the Sheriff’s office is reviewing the tape to identify people involved.