In 2009 Chris Rock made a documentary called Good Hair where he exposed the expenses and even dangers that African-American women face when getting their hair done. Link to the trailer:

According to extensions can cost as low as $300 (depending on your area) and can go for as high as $10,000.

When it comes to hair relaxer, Hair relaxer can cause hair breakage, hair thinning, lack of hair growth, scalp irritation, scalp damage, and hair loss. Also they report that the FDA lists hair straighteners and hair dyes among its top consumer complaint areas.

The anti-weave and relaxer sentiment does not end there. Over the years, Atlanta club promoter Joey Digital has expressed his utter disdain for the weave and love for natural hair on his blog: He even has an anti-weave section on his blog that provide links to natural hair blogs and products.

Now he is putting his money where his mouth is by giving $10 off tickets to his Atlanta Classic Post-Game Affair on the 24th of this month and $5-$10 discounts to his FAMU Homecoming event on October 7th. Discounts are available to women with natural hair, and they use the code natural when buying tickets.