'Rogue' author calls Palin 'hypocrite, utter fraud'

theGRIO REPORT - McGinnis says he discovered that the people who knew her best liked her least...

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Joe McGinnis, long-time political author, has written a controversial tell all book on Sarah Palin. The book entitled, The Rogue, paints Palin as a “fraud” and a “tenth grade mean girl.” McGinnis says he discovered that the people who knew her best liked her least. He spent four months in Alaska and claims to have spoken with 200 people, such as Palin’s old associates, acquaintances, and former friends.

In his book, McGinnis quotes Palins old friends who reveal a sexual encounter Sarah Palin had with basketball star Glen Rice in 1987 while she was a sports reporter for a local Anchorage station prior to her marriage to Todd Palin. Rice told McGinnis, “In a short time we got to know a lot about on another. It was all done in a respectful way, nothing hurried. She was a gorgeous woman, super nice. I was blown away by her. Afterward, she was a big crush I had.”

He describes Palin’s marriage as rocky, saying that the couple is fighting and on the road to divorce. Also, the author claims that Palin was unfit as a mother, and that Todd and Sarah have both used cocaine at one point in their lives.

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McGinnis also moved in next door to Sarah Palin’s house, which caused the Palin family to feel uncomfortable. Sarah Palin said her daughter Piper whispered to her that he was watching Piper and her as they were coming up the lawn. On McGinnis moving in and doing research on her, Palin said, “Some people need to get a life. Bless his heart. He needs to get a life.”

Todd Palin says the “former members of Sarah Palin’s administration interviewed for a separate magazine story said the author Joe McGinnis was the most disingenuous and intellectually dishonest writer they had ever dealt with.”