NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha distinguishes himself both on and off the field. The Philadelphia Eagles player was featured on The Today Show’s Extra Yard for his passion for helping others.

Dubbed “Senator” by his teammates, Asomugha earned the nickname for the great work that he does within California and other communities across the country. Coming from a family that stressed the importance of education, he started the Asamugha College Tour for Scholars. Each year, 12 students are granted the opportunity to visit universities across the country thanks to the program.

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Since its start, a number of participants have gone on to attend schools such as Georgetown and Howard Universities.

On what inspires him to give back, Asomugha said, “Anytime that other family members from Nigeria wanted to come over, they would house them. You know, so there would be times when we would be at home where there would be 10 or 11 people in a house that was meant for five. There was that sort of service mentality that was always in the house and it’s just helping out.”