Michael Jackson's 'Immortal' won't be his last album, says estate

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From Billboard.com:

Michael Jackson’s next posthumous album will be released in November and be chocked full of newly discovered outtakes and alternate versions of old hits, Epic Records announced on Monday.

“Immortal” is actually the soundtrack for the new Cirque du Soleil show, “The Immortal World Tour,” which debuted on Sunday. The album features an alternative version of the Jackson 5 hit, “ABC,” as well as a series of mashups and remixes. His first posthumous album, 2010’s “Michael,” reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in a brief, 3-week stint on the chart.

The new stage show and tour is comprised of more than 60 songs from Jackson’s catalog, but the album release will be available as a 15-track album or a deluxe 22-track album that will go on sale Nov. 21.

Billboard.com spoke to Jamie King, the director of the Cirque production, who said “the big, iconic songs are there, with some other songs mixed and matched throughout. There’s some younger Michael in there as well, ‘Ben,’ the Motown stuff…It’s a mixed bag of tricks in terms of songs. It’s a music-driven show, so we’re making sure the music is the narrative that drives us and takes us on the journey.”

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