Isaiah Mustafa says he wants a woman and kids with 'good hair'

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From Huffington Post:

Isaiah Mustafa aka The Old Spice Guy is smelling a bit bland this morning after an E! News segment he taped last night.

While promoting his guest starring role on ABC’s new show Charlie’s Angels, E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic launched into a few questions about Mustafa’s romantic life. This is where things got hairy.

When asked if he’s seeing anyone currently, Mustafa said he’s been single for a year and is ready to start dating again. Rancic, a self proclaimed match-maker then probed Mustafa about what he’s looking for in a mate. Mustafa, who has been romantically linked to Kathy Griffin, listed admirable qualities such as athleticism and honesty but then asserted that his ideal woman has to have “good hair.”

Really? “Good hair?” What exactly does he mean?

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