Isaiah Mustafa's 'good hair' apology: Was it even necessary?

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From Uptown

We loved him and now we hate him. Like so many celebrities before him, Isaiah Mustafa has been built up only to be promptly torn down. No, he didn’t jump a couch or check out of much-needed rehab. He simply opened his mouth and spewed garbage! I’m talking about Mustafa’s insensitive “good hair” comment.

Last week, as you might have read, Mustafa was interviewed by Guiliana Rancic on “E! News” about his ideal mate. He said he wants a woman who is kind and athletic and has “good hair”! Yes, you read that correctly. One of Mustafa’s mate requirements is that she have naturally “good hair” to counterbalance his “nappy” hair in their future progeny, he explained in the interview.

Now in this world of hyper-celebrity and the art of the spin doctor, it’s no surprise that Mustafa, or most likely his publicity team, realized the error in his statement — in a few words he had alienated a large section of his fan base — black women. And he promptly contacted to apologize. A few things bothered me, however, about said apology, so let’s dissect it.

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