From Huffington Post:

Lawrence O’Donnell ignited a controversy on Friday after his contentious interview with GOP presidential contender Herman Cain. Several portions of the lengthy conversation aroused anger, but the one that drew the most fire was the section in which O’Donnell questioned Cain about his participation in the civil rights movement. O’Donnell asked Cain if he regretted “sitting on the sidelines” while other black Americans were protesting in the movement — a notion that Cain heatedly rejected.

After the interview, O’Donnell was castigated from many corners. The Atlantic called his questions “offensive,” the Washington Post mocked him, and Rush Limbaugh devoted a lengthy monologue to him, calling him a liberal “plantation master.”

Cain himself spoke about the interview on Friday, calling O’Donnell’s questions “absurd.”

On Friday, O’Donnell did not back down from his aggressive questioning. He hosted MSNBC’s Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry and Goldie Taylor from to discuss the interview.

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