Man training for chance to run on the moon

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From Santa Cruz Sentinel:

APTOS — If his handshake is any indication, Jonathon Prince will reach his goal of running on the moon one of these days. But first things first.

His firm grip exudes the strength, determination and positive outlook needed to complete his self-initiated, 795-mile “California Dream” run, which he began July 4 at the California-Oregon border. Down the Pacific coast he’s run, through the redwood forests of Del Norte and Humboldt counties, along the Mendocino coastline’s jagged and majestic cliffs, and across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

By the time he arrived in Aptos from Davenport Tuesday afternoon, he was 485 miles into his journey, which he expects to end Sept. 5 at the Mexico border.

The point, said the self-termed “athli-vist,” is to get Californians to start dreaming again.

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