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The more than two-hour long interview given LAPD by Dr. Conrad Murray is getting much attention now that most of it has been played at his trial. What is perhaps more significant to the outcome than what Murray said, is what he did not say.

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It is perhaps not surpring that Murray’s account is largely self-serving, describing his efforts to help his megastar patient Michael Jackson, whom Murray tells investigators he considered his “friend.” During the interview Murray, recounted his concerns about the medications he was giving Jackson, the precautions he took to avoid over-medicating, and the desperate efforts he made to resuscitate Jackson.

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The police interrogation is noticeably lacking in hard questions. That is no fault of detectives Scott Smith and Orlando Martinez. When Murray’s attorneys offered the interview at a Marina del Rey hotel, it had been only two days since Jackson’s death and weeks before the coroner identified an overdose of the surgical sedative propofol as the principal cause of death.

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