Yet again, there seems to be trouble in the wonderful world of Basketball Wives.

On Tuesday, VH1 Basketball Wives star Royce Reed took to her Twitter page to announce that she does not plan to return to film a fourth season of the hit reality show.

“Good Afternoon! As of right now I have decided NOT to return for Season 4 of BBW due to artistic differences. Things may change but as of now, No”

Basketball Wives’s Evelyn Lozada: ‘What you see, is what you get’

The announcement doesn’t come as a big surprise because rumors have been circulating for months that the dancer turned reality star would be making her exit from the show.

Moments after Reed’s tweet, Tami Roman responded hinting that Royce may not be the only cast member planning to leave the show.

“Well ok @Roycelr don’t be surprised-several others may follow…,” said Roman.

Last month, Evelyn Lozada made headlines when she revealed that she has no plans to take part in any more episodes of Basketball Wives.

“Just wanted to say that I wont be on Twitter for a while. Going 2 possibly delete my account & I wont be signing on 2 do anymore shows.” Lozada tweeted.

The recent tweets from cast members prompted VH1’s senior publicist, Nyle Washington to release a statement yesterday saying, “We are gearing up to shoot our fourth season of Basketball Wives and so far all the women from the previous season have signed on.”

According to a blind item on Page Six of the New York Post there might be more than artistic differences to blame for the show’s cast members leaving.

“Which producer of a VH1 reality show is fed up with negotiations over contracts for Basketball Wives? The producer was overheard telling people that the ladies “better fall in line” or they’ll be booted “like the New York Housewives”

Before signing on for the past season’s run of Basketball Wives Lozada reportedly asked for $20k per episode, but subsequently settled with a counter-offer consisting of less money.

Currently the reality stars of Basketball Wives are alleged to make around $7,500 per episode.

With the rumored exodus of three of the shows leading ladies, many are saying that the ‘artistic differences’ might just be ‘the ladies wanting more cash from VH1.’

Hopefully all of the ladies threatening to bounce from Basketball Wives is just a publicity stunt, because the show would not be nearly as entertaining without the combined antics and strong personalities of Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, and Royce Reed.