From BET

The National Cancer Institute has awarded, in total, $19.3 million to a group of researchers to explore racial disparities in breast cancer in the U.S.

And this funding is urgently needed: African-American women are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, we are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and at a later stage, and have more aggressive features associated with poor prognosis. As to why this is the case remains a mystery to researchers.

This project is a collaborative effort between many researchers from around the U.S., which include four studies: The Women’s Circle of Health Study, the Carolina Breast Cancer Study, the Black Women’s Health Study and the Multiethnic Cohort Study. In total, these studies will examine 5,500 women with breast cancer and 5,500 women without cancer — the largest study to date on this type of research.

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