From Huffington Post

Steve McQueen’s next feature film, about the downward spiral of a sex addict, is titled “Shame.” That’s also the word he uses to decry the lack of black actors and directors in Hollywood.

McQueen, who is himself black, spoke as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s directors roundtable, of which he was the only minority participant. When the lack of diversity on the panel came up in conversation, McQueen was ready with his criticisms of the film industry.

“I mean, it’s opportunity, isn’t it? That’s what it’s about — opportunity,” the British filmmaker said. “And access, because some people just give up. I’m always astonished by American filmmakers, particularly living in certain areas, when they never cast one black person, or have never put them in a lead in the movie. I’m astonished. It’s shameful. How do you live in New York and not cast a black actor or a Latino actor? It’s shameful. It’s unbelievable.”

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