From Los Angeles Times:

At a packed political forum at Morehouse College — Atlanta’s storied and historically black school for men — a moderator posed a question that cut to the sensitive heart of things on a campus that has produced Martin Luther King Jr. (Class of ‘48) and current GOP darling Herman Cain (Class of ‘67).

The question: “Does Cain represent the modern Renaissance man of Morehouse?”

A charged murmur rippled through a crowd of about 100 undergraduates.

Traditional African American notions of social justice are part of the very DNA of Morehouse, founded in 1867 to educate recently freed slaves. King is but one star in Morehouse’s constellation of civil rights heroes. “The curse of poverty,” King once said, “has no justification in our age.”

So what about the brash and sometimes-bumbling pizza magnate, the one who last month said, “If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself”?

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