By staff and NBC station TMJ4

MILWAUKEE — Police believe the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy was suicide, but his parents think it may have been due to a game that went terribly wrong.

“It wasn’t a suicide, because he was just too happy and he had no reason to commit suicide,” Enzy Curtis says of his son, Thalian.

Curtis believes the boy’s death was a tragic accident.

“I think it was just a game he was playing and it got out of hand of just him by himself,” Curtis says.

Thailan’s parents say he’s played the choking game before, and they warned him. “I told him, ‘Honey that’s dangerous. You shouldn’t do that,’” Yolanda Cash, the boy’s mom, says.

The choking game, also known as the fainting game, involves cutting off the supply of oxygen to the brain in order to induce a high.

Cash is trying to make sense of why her son Thailan was taken so suddenly.

“Why my baby? He was only 10,” Cash says. “I’m just hurt. I’m just angry with God.”

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