Herman Cain reads Bible with wife in bizarre Christmas video

Herman Cain has recently posted a YouTube clip in which he reads the Bible with his wife in a bizarre Christmas video called, “It’s Christmas in America!” After dropping out of the GOP presidential race earlier this month amidst allegations of sexual misconduct, Cain has returned to the spotlight with this unusual production featuring Cain reading the story of Jesus’ birth. With softly focused lights and a flickering fire, the warm scene accentuates the intimate body language of the couple, as Cain punctuates his reading with sweet gazes and hand-holding with his docile spouse Gloria.

The video then takes viewers through a montage of other folksy families gathered ‘round to continue the Christmas story, cut with homespun well-wishes from people across the United States.

The Daily Mail reports that Gloria’s pain was cited by the former Godfather Pizza CEO as the primary wound unfairly rendered by his accusers’ sex allegations. He told the press: “That spin hurts. It hurts my wife. It hurts my family. It hurts me. And it hurts the American people, because you’re being denied solutions to our problems.”

[youtubevid http://youtube.com/watch?v=OdiSwV6calw]

Yet apparently, the American people might not be denied access to Cain’s brilliance if the GOP secures the White House in 2012. In a recent Barbara Walters interview, the still-powerful Tea Party leader revealed that he plans to seek the Secretary of Defense role should the Right win the election.

This will certainly require repairing the image of his marriage in the eyes of the public, which seemed to have been sullied beyond repair by revelations made by Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White of an alleged 13-year affair with Cain. Gloria was not aware that Cain had given money to White, among other odd factors in their relationship which Cain admitted was real but denied was sexual.

Through it all, Gloria Cain has remained quiet and smiling, as she is in this video.

Herman and Gloria Cain have been married for 43 years. If she can cope with all of Cain’s drama, and still appear camera-ready for promo videos like these, they will likely be married for many more — and she will make a perfect political wife.