Russell Simmons is PETA's 'Person of the Year'

From Opposing Views:

(via PETA)

Hip-hop pioneer and co-founder of Def Jam Records Russell Simmons is well known for his innovation, power, and creative vision. A long-time vegan, this influential tycoon uses every opportunity to encourage compassion through his entrepreneurial endeavors. When asked how he would describe himself to someone who didn’t know him, Simmons answered, “I’m an animal activist ….”

Because he tirelessly advocates for animals and sets a positive example for others by promoting a vegan lifestyle, PETA is pleased to name Russell Simmons our 2011 Person of the Year.

Simmons discusses his compassionate diet every chance he gets, including in news interviews; through social media; on the website that he co-founded,Global Grind; and in his latest book, Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All. He has eaten a plant-based diet for more than 10 years, and he was recently included in PETA’s limited-edition sheet of U.S. postage PhotoStamps™, featuring vegetarians throughout history.

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