Beyoncé pregnant: Birthing countdown begins as hospital suite allegedly prepared

TheGRIO REPORT - The star's pregnancy countdown has begun with rumors circulating that a birthing suite is being prepared in New York, NY...

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Beyoncé being pregnant has ranked as one of the most important stories of the year. The star’s pregnancy countdown began with rumors that she was faking it with a baby bump, yet is ending on a more cheerful note as rumors circulate that a birthing suite is being prepared in her home city of New York.

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An undisclosed party — confirmed to be a VIP by nurses at St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospital in Manhattan — has booked half of the institution’s Labor and Delivery floor, according to The Daily Mail. Many other outlets are alleging that these rooms are being prepared to welcome Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first child.

Based on a countdown from the moment Beyoncé revealed her pregnancy at the MTV Music Awards in August, baby-bump watchers postulate that the star could give birth any day now.

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Beyoncé also said in one scene from her Live at Roseland DVD: “Hello! It’s September 23rd… Right now I’m actually shooting the video for ‘Countdown’ and I’m six months pregnant.” Her statement makes the current time frame right for the birth of a little Jaybey.

Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, as well as her sister Solange and her nephew Juelz, have also been spotted shopping in New York City, adding fuel to speculation that the megastar’s family is planning for a new arrival.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé live in New York in a million-dollar apartment, making the city the perfect setting for their baby’s birth. Hopefully the coming of the child won’t be a let down to too many, as millions have tuned into Beyonce’s pregnancy like a reality TV drama.

Beyoncé addressed the tall tales that circulated about her pregnancy, such as rumors that her baby bump is a fake and that she had insane cravings, during an interview with Katie Couric. In the sit-down the star “revealed that she hasn’t been having any off-the-wall pregnancy cravings, even though there were rumors that she liked ketchup on everything and ice-cream with hot sauce.”

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She also said suggestions that her baby bump was a hoax were easy to brush off, stating: “You know, there are certain things that are so far [out], it doesn’t even upset you.”

Beyoncé, who has been married to Jay-Z for three years, said about the sex of her unborn infant: “I don’t care. I’m just like everyone else. And now I know why people say that, it’s true. I just want [a healthy baby].”

Various media outlets state that representatives for Beyoncé have not confirmed plans made by the diva for giving birth.