The top 10 most racist remarks of 2011

NEWS ONE - This year has come and gone, but unfortunately, racism is here to stay...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

From News One: This year has come and gone, but unfortunately, racism is here to stay. Our black president has given racists a good target in the political realm, but we still see racism from teachers, police officers and even athletes. Here are the top 10 racist quotes of 2011.

10. Ann Coulter says, “Our blacks are better than their’s”

When comparing Herman Cain to President Barack Obama, Coultier (pictured right) made a statement that could have been made by a slave owner. Does the Republican party own “blacks” and what exactly makes your “blacks” better than African-American Democrats? Her statement was both racist and condescending.

9. Pat Buchanan says, “Blacks bought a lot of propaganda on the liberal plantation.”

Making a slavery reference to justify why African-Americans support Democrats, Buchanan used language also parroted by black republicans, Allen West and Herman Cain, comparing modern day African-Americans to slaves who weren’t allowed or empowered to make their own political decisions.

8. NYPD Officers call ”[West Indian carnival-goers are] savages, animals,” and says, ”[Someone should] drop a bomb and wipe them all out.”

NYPD officers complained about West Indian Day carnival duty in Brooklyn on Facebook and then disparaged, belittled, and dehumanized them, despite the fact that the NYPD fired more shots on the day of the parade than any parade-goer.

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