Slideshow: TheGrio's 25 wackiest stories of 2011

SLIDESHOW - Check out some of the greatest examples of buffoonery from this past year...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

2011 provided one SMH moment after another. Sure, there were people that made some out of pocket remarks – or even a few moments you couldn’t believe actually happened. (no matter how serious)

And then there was this: Grandma with 24-inch nails wants to meet Oprah.

We still have no words.

TheGrio decided to check our sanity at the door and compile a list of the year’s wackiest stories. We cover it all here: from grandma’s nails to robberies of the deceased to slave auctions at elementary school. If you dare, check out the wackiest stories of the year. All we can say is, “Really?”