From Daily Mail UK: A man who has been on death row for more than 20 years has had his murder conviction overturned after a judge ruled the evidence was flawed.

At a hearing that left prosecutors speechless, Superior Court Judge John A. Parkins overturned the conviction and death sentence against Jermaine Marlow Wright, 39.

Wright was sentenced to death twice for the fatal shooting of 66-year-old amputee, Phillip Seifert, a liquor store clerk, during a robbery at a liquor store in 1991 at the U.S.

The judge said that he had ‘no confidence’ in the evidence against Wright and he plans to hold a hearing next week that appears likely to result in Wright – who has been on Delaware’s death row for 21 years – being released on bail.

Besides Wright, the only person who has been sitting on Delaware’s death row longer is Robert Gattis, who is set to die by lethal injection later this month.

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