Website simulates all-black vs. all-white NFL game

The sports Web site Deadspin has simulated an NFL game which pits black players versus white players...

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From Deadspin: Earlier this week, reader Dustin asked who would win between an all-white NFL All-Pro team and an all-black NFL All-Pro team. Mind you, this question was asked without ANY ROOTING INTEREST, and without any hint of RAYCESSNESS. Are we clear on that? Good. BECAUSE WE TOTALLY SIMULATED THAT RACE WAR ON MADDEN TO SEE WHO WOULD WIN.

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After seeing Tuesday’s post, reader Joe took time to provide us with a full roster for both all-race teams. He had a few notes for us before revealing the roster:

-I didn’t give the white team Haloti Ngata or any Pacific Islanders. Considering Ngata is one of the greatest DTs of all time, and because Troy Polamalu would also count as white, it was too unfair of an advantage for either team. And it’d really look bad if the white team gets an unfair advantage over the black team.

Click here to watch highlights of Deadspin’s inaugural ‘Race Bowl.’