Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, into the world late Saturday night at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. The power couple arguably had one of the most high profile deliveries in the recent history of celebrity childbirths.

According to the New York Daily News a very pregnant Beyoncé checked into Lenox Hill Hospital on Friday night under the name Ingrid Jackson.

Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly rented out the hospital’s entire fourth floor to the tune of a whopping 1.3 million dollars.

LISTEN: Jay’s tribute song to Blue Ivy, “Glory”

The couple is said to have installed bulletproof glass on the floor where Blue would be delivered.

Last week reports surfaced that several magazines and media outlets reached out to the couple to buy photos of baby Carter, but no one from their team responded to the bids.

At the hospital, in an attempt to protect the image of Blue Ivy, workers allegedly placed tape over security cameras and made employees turn in their cell phone when they arrive for their shifts.

The fourth floor apparently was a scene of celebration as handlers were seen taking dozens of bottles of wine and trays of takeout food beyond the fleet of secret service-like security detail and into the hospital.

After 11 p.m. doctors and nurses were banned from entering the fourth floor, which led to one doctor complaining that he had patients to see.

Neil Coulon, who is the father to premature twins born on Wednesday, said that because of the over-the-top security surrounding Blue’s birth, he was unable to get to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to see his newborns.

“Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU, and it happened once on Friday just because they wanted to use the hallway,” Coulon said.

Coulon also said that security cleared a waiting room of his relatives who drove long distances to see his newborn two girls — and described the hospital like an “exclusive nightclub.”

Today Jay-Z welcomed his 2-day-old daughter to the world with the release of his new trackGlory feat. B.I.C (Blue Ivy Carter).” The proud father apparently recorded the sound of Blue Ivy being delivered, as you can hear her crying at the end of the track.

Nothing about Beyoncé’s pregnancy has been typical. From her announcing on the VMA’s that she is expecting, to her reluctance to reveal her exact delivery date.

The high-profile arrival of Blue to many people seems a bit absurd, even for celebrity standards.

Do you think the delivery of Blue Ivy Carter was too over-the-top?

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