Gawker blogger fired for Kanye mom, 'n-word' post

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A blogger for is out of a job after writing a post that included the N-word — and inadvertently dissed Kanye West’s mom.

According to The Wrap, Seth Abramovitch, who is white, made the gaffe in a post about Kanye’s new clothing company DONDA, writing that DONDA stands for “Dis Original Nigga Dresses Aight.”

Well, turns out writing that was not “aight.” And despite offering an apology to Gawker readers, Abromovitch was fired. Apparently, Gawker’s new editor, A.J. Daulerio, doubted his sincerity.

Adding insult to injury, as West’s fans know, but apparently Abromovitch did not, DONDA isn’t just the name of Kanye’s clothing company — it’s also the name of Kanye’s deceased mother.

So there’s that.

See the original post, and read Abramovitch’s apology at The Wrap.