Get ready Africa! The Atlanta Housewives are on their way!

The most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta primarily dealt with the upcoming trip the ladies are planning to South Africa. Phaedra Parks or the producers made sure to use this episode to teach audiences a little about the continent by taking Kandi to an African dance class and Sheree to an African history museum.

You’d think that these would be fine cultural outings, but not with the Atlanta Housewives.

Phaedra was more concerned with peaking under the loincloth of the slave statue than actually paying attention to the tour guide. Poor Kandi couldn’t come up with one adjective to describe what she thinks when she hears “Africa.” Leave it to Phaedra and her classic one-liners to quip in with “naked women with their breasts out.”

It wasn’t all Africa talk though. We saw that NeNe has taken a few cues from her arch nemesis Kim and has gone out and gotten a “Big Poppa” that she calls “Mr. Big” for his big pockets. He showed us how big those pockets were by bestowing NeNe with a pair of Louboutins for becoming a partner in one of his business deals. I wonder if Donald Trump is going to ask for a finder’s fee for introducing the two. He should at least charge NeNe every time she drops his name.

The Housewives franchise is known for having dramatic and often violent dinner parties. So when I saw that the ladies were gathering for a dinner in a closed off section of a restaurant, I got ready for the name calling and slaps to start flying. Instead, I think I experienced the most awkward and uncomfortable meal ever displayed on camera.

I say meal lightly because the only food passed around was a platter of sesame chicken that Mama Joyce — Kandi’s mom — quickly turned down as she rightfully took her position at the head of the table. Immediately, she began to pass her motherly wisdom onto an eye-rolling, hardheaded bunch of women. Mama Joyce had great advice about not letting petty fights get in the way of years of friendship. However, I think she should have asked the ladies why they were so angry at each other first. In my opinion, their fights and issues have gone far past the point of pettiness.

I don’t blame Kim for wanting to keep NeNe out of her life especially after NeNe’s tour bus screaming fit last season. I also can’t fault Sheree for not wanting NeNe around after she tried to undercut her out of an appearance fee. Money and personal safety are two deal breakers in any friendship. Regardless, Mama Joyce continued her lecture on forgiveness and went as far as to force Kim and Sheree to say hello to NeNe. Force is no exaggeration. Mama Joyce turned into that scary elementary school teacher that you hate but wouldn’t dare go against. Poor Kim had no chance but to muster an awkward, “Hi NeNe.” I feel confident in saying NeNe was probably the thorn in all her teachers’ sides. When Mama Joyce made her say hello to the ladies, she quipped out a ‘hi’ without so much as turning her head or using the ladies’ names. Kandi finally managed to draw up the courage to speak up, but instead of helping her friends out of an uncomfortable situation, she decides to co-sign her mother’s words.

Luckily, Sheree jumped in and asked: “Why are we even talking about this right now?” Sheree doesn’t speak much, but I guess this was enough to put some fire in her. She even went after Mama Joyce explaining to her that the ladies aren’t going to make-up because they just don’t want to.

The conversation transitioned to the topic of the night — Africa. Most of the ladies showed excitement for the upcoming trip, except of course Kim and NeNe. Kim has that cute little baby boy to take care of and won’t be joining the ladies. NeNe also declined the offer, but had no reason other than wanting someone to beg her to go. Cue Mama Joyce, who left her post at the head of the table and sat next to NeNe imploring her to take the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to go to Africa.

The dinner ended without anyone really eating anything, and Kim reverting back to her trailer park days by leaving the restaurant barefooted as she headed to her car.

Next week, the ladies head to South Africa. Leave it to NeNe to steal the thunder by bringing Marlo Hampton along for the ride. I just hope airport security gives Marlo an extra pat down because an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge is no joke.

Quote of the Night: “First of all I don’t think the b*tch ever went abroad… Do you have any stamps in your passport? Get some culture.”- Sheree referring to NeNe