From HipHopWired: Let’s not kid ourselves here, Common can and will rap circles around Drake. In an even test of skills and a catalogue comparison, Common will always reign supreme over Drizzy and 99 percent of the rappers you listen to on a daily basis. From the minute Common sent out his opening jabs at his Canadian foe, the Internet began instantly calling for a first round KO. But even though Drake may receive a lyrical beat down at the hands of Southside Lonnie, he still can’t lose.

If Vegas were putting odds on the Common/Drake beef, Common would be a double digit favorite. He’s been dissing rappers for 20 years and even put Ice Cube to shame back when Are We There Yet? was just a twinkle in a crappy director’s eye. Com cut his teeth by battling rappers in Chicago and he definitely has a mean streak. Drake? He harmonizes songs about his feelings and menstrual cramps. With that said, Common has to totally obliterate Drake for it to be a victory.

Common’s victory would have to be of Jay-Z/Prodigy proportions for it to be a prohibitive win. If Drake is able to put up a good fight and throws some respectable jabs then it would make Drake look all the better. See, Common is supposed to win. He’s Hip-Hop. Drake is playing with house money. But people are forgetting one key element: Drake can still rap his a** off.

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