Ghana's children get gift of computers from tech whiz

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Tech expert Seth Owusu is giving back to his native country of Ghana an extraordinary way. He’s giving computers to schoolchildren in the rural part of the nation in effort to increase literacy and improve their lives. CNN reports:

(CNN) — When techno-whiz Seth Owusu left Ghana for the United States in 1991, he had never used a computer before.

But two decades later, he’s using the power of technology to provide computer literacy to the children of rural Africa, one refurbished computer at a time.

Owusu is the founder of the Entire Village Computers Organization (EVCO), a Washington-based charitable organization that donates reconditioned old computers and accessories from the developed world and delivers them to those schools in need in the developing world.

“We try to put the computers there as electronic tools, also as a library, also to a place where not just the school but the entire villages around that school can come in and benefit from the computer,” says Owusu, who moved to the United States at the age of 24.

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