Apparently, action film star Zoe Saldana is a hero in real life too. The actress stood by the side of a woman who needed her help after being involved in a car crash. Saldana cared for the bloodied woman and made the 911 call for help.People reports:

Zoe Saldana has played an action hero on the big screen – and this week she played a hero in real life.

The Avatar star, 33, rushed to the aid of an elderly woman who had reportedly gotten into a car accident in Culver City, Calif., on Wednesday

“Zoe witnessed the car accident, and was very quick to help,” says an onlooker. She “immediately got on the phone with 911 and she seemed very concerned.”

Saldana and another passerby transported the woman – who was conscious but injured – from her car to the curb. There they called 911 and waited for police and paramedic attention on the scene.

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