Are African-Americans turning away from gossip websites?

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Gossip websites have long been some of the most popular destinations among African-Americans on the Internet. But is that trend about the change? Black Web 2.0 reports– that a shift is happening in the black Internet audience:

At some point or another, someone has probably asked you “Did you see… On Media Take Out today?” If not, you can replace it with any other black gossip news site. Numbers have shown that black people love their gossip news, but they are just as interested in hard news as they are gossip.

Journal-isms reported according to comScore, numbers in gossip sites are declining while news sites are on the rise.

One site in particular that is growing in numbers is Their unique visitors rose from 2,531,000 in October to 3,649,000 in December.

Spokesman for BET, Luis Defrank tells Journal-isms the rise in numbers has part to do with its social media engagement.